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Project Description
Protect The Carrot is a small fastpaced XNA game. You are a farmer whose single carrot is under attack by ravenous rabbits. You have to shoot the rabbits as fast as possible. The game won the Spring 2010 Indie9000 GameJam.


Have you ever tried to take a walk in your big beautiful carrot field but then discover there is only one tiny carrot left ?

Well… Farmer Johnson have tried it once too often and now he wants it to stop!
So now grap your weapon, and go out to shoot some rabbits!

How to play the game:
Use your mouse to move the aim around on your screen.
Use the left mouse button to fire a shot.
You get one point if you hit a living rabbit, and more if they are dead.
Take care that the blue and pink rabbits don't meet each other or else you will end up with rabbits all over the place!

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